Annual, renewable educational loans are granted on the basis of financial need, academic ability and a desire to succeed and obtain an education in the following amounts:

Student Level

Undergraduate student

Undergraduate students
(junior/senior with GPA of 3.0+)

Graduate students                                                                          

Amount per Academic Year

$3,500 to $5,000

$3,500 to $7,500




  1. Female
  2. Full-time student
  3. United States Citizen
  4. Georgia resident or student attending* a Georgia school
  5. A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 (high school or college)
  6. Financially responsible individual to co-sign your loan.  (An applicant's guarantor may not be them self or a spouse.)
  7. Only complete applications will be considered. Please review the Application section of this website thoroughly to ensure your application contains all required attachments.

*At this time, SAF does not offer loans to students pursuing internet-based degrees.


Loan applications will be accepted between March 23rd and April 23rd of each calendar year for loans beginning in the Fall Term of the same calendar year (and for Spring and Summer Terms of the following calendar year).  Loan decisions are finalized between May and June.   Additional applications may be considered in the event that funds are available after the initial application period has passed.  Apply now.


Repayment Terms: The Borrower does not begin to repay a SAF loan until six months after she has graduated. However, in the event the Borrower chooses to discontinue her educational program of study (i.e. “drops out”) she must begin repaying her SAF loan immediately.  (The 6 month repayment grace period is effective May 2016 and only applies to promissory notes signed after this effective date.  Notes signed prior to May 2016 still follow the 3 month grace period.)

Disbursement of Loans: All loan funds approved will be distributed to the Student Borrower via check in two parts.  The first loan disbursement occurs around mid-July and the second half of approved funds is disbursed by mid-December.  Student Borrowers are expected to use the funding to pay for cost of tuition and/or academic supplies (i.e. textbooks and other course materials). SAF reserves the right to declare a Student Borrower ineligible for further loans and fund disbursements if such Borrower is discovered to be using funds for non academic purposes.

Interest: SAF loans accrue interest at a rate of four percent (4%) per year. SAF loans do not accrue interest while the Borrower is enrolled in a full-time, academic program. SAF loans begin to accrue interest when the repayment term begins.  All loans have an 8 year term.  There is no penalty for early repayment.  If a borrower defaults on her loan, the interest rate may increase to 8%.  Loan repayments enable the organization and current borrowers to help future applicants reach their educational goals.